Hope Keeps a Home™ in Nevada – And Help Is a Phone Call Away!

To one degree or another, everyone has been affected by the Great Recession.  Nevada homeowners have been especially impacted by the economic downturn and foreclosure crisis that began in 2007.  Many have found hope in keeping their homes thanks to the efforts of the Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation (NAHAC), a nonprofit funded by the United States Department of the Treasury to implement the Nevada Hardest Hit Fund® (NVHHF).  This FREE service was created to help homeowners facing foreclosure due to hardships impacting their ability to stay in their home.

NAHAC’s mission is to assist Nevada homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet with one of the several available HHF programs designed to help avoid foreclosure and secure a mortgage they can afford; ultimately, saving their home.

Louis and Faith Grimando faced a financial hardship when the economy took a turn.  They were working part-time jobs and unable to keep up with their mortgage payments.  “We were under-employed and soon became over-extended.  When our granddaughter came to live with us permanently, that just added extra financial needs and stresses,” said Faith.  They turned to NAHAC for help and were approved to receive principal reduction assistance.  “This is such an unbelievable gift, that these funds are available to families.  It can keep families together, keep them in their homes and be able to weather out the time until things change in the economy.”

Teresa Delaria unexpectedly lost her job and was served a foreclosure notice on her home.  Shortly after, it was sold and she was notified that she would be evicted in three days.  With three children and a grandchild living with her, Teresa had nowhere left to go.  She contacted NAHAC and, upon approval, the sale of her home was reversed.  Teresa said, “This program saved my life, it saved my children’s lives.  This was an absolute miracle.”

Patrick Jones, a 20 year United States Air Force Veteran, heard about the Nevada Hardest Hit Fund® through a job assistance program.  Patrick recalls, “They told me this program was out there, but I didn’t believe it . . . I was wrong.”  Patrick and his wife, Catherine, were 60 days behind on their mortgage; he had no job, and Catherine’s income wouldn’t be enough to afford their mortgage payments.  They applied and qualified for the Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program.  Patrick adds, “I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of our shoulders . . . I encourage you to take advantage it, because it is real!”

Louis and Faith, Teresa, and Patrick and Catherine are just a few of the thousands of people NAHAC has helped, and they can help keep you in your home, too.  All you have to do is see if you qualify by taking the eligibility quiz at www.NAHAC.org or call 888-320-6526 to find out which program is best for you.

Hope Keeps a Home™.  The Nevada Hardest Hit Fund® was designed to give hope to homeowners in need.