Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation Launches “Help for Home is Here” pilot program

Falling behind on mortgage payments, household bills, or facing foreclosure due to the pandemic is a scary situation that many Nevada homeowners are facing. The Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation (NAHAC) has launched the “Help for Home is Here” pilot program to assist qualified Nevada households.

The new pilot program is funded by the United States Department of the Treasury through the State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Housing Division under the Homeowner Assistance Fund to aid in preventing delinquencies, foreclosures, defaults, and displacements for qualified homeowners. NAHAC was selected by the State of Nevada to oversee the free-to-qualify program.

NAHAC has been a trusted resource to homeowners in need for a number of years, and successfully administered the Hardest Hit Fund (2010 through August 2021), which at the program’s conclusion had an approximate 98% success rate of keeping families and individuals in their homes according to an analysis conducted utilizing data from CoreLogic. NAHAC’s goal for the new Help for Home is Here pilot program is to help and empower even more homeowners to protect and keep their homes.

“While we are seeing some positive indicators of economic recovery around the state, there are many Nevadans still suffering financially from the impact of the pandemic,” said Steve Aichroth, Administrator, Nevada Housing Division. “What NAHAC achieved through the Nevada Hardest Hit Fund was extremely integral in helping provide solutions to ensure that homeowners were protected. We believe the Help for Home is Here pilot program will expand on this to again provide the most vulnerable homeowners in our state a sense of hope with much needed financial assistance.”

How to Qualify and Apply 

The application process for the Help for Home is Here pilot program through NAHAC has been streamlined and improved with the goal of helping homeowners receive assistance faster. Those who might qualify for the program include homeowners in the following situations:

  • Loss of a job due to the Coronavirus pandemic and are behind on the mortgage
  • Returned to work and are still behind on the mortgage or underemployed
  • Collecting unemployment and behind on the mortgage

Homeowners who experienced or are experiencing situations described above, who were approved under NAHAC’s previous programs may also apply for assistance under Help for Home is Here.

“Our new program is meant for all Nevadans who’ve been gravely impacted by the financial fallout of the pandemic,” said Verise Campbell, CEO/COO of NAHAC. “We are singularly focused on helping qualified homeowners’ level-set their finances in order to stay in their homes.  With our past effort of administering the Nevada Hardest Hit Fund, we understand the financial pressures and feelings of hopelessness when those in our community face this type of adversity.  We want our fellow Nevadans to find comfort in knowing that there is hope and programs under Help for Home is Here are free and available to help keep homeowners in their homes and give them the confidence and resources to get back on their feet.”

To apply for the Homeowner Assistance Fund Help for Home is Here programs online, go to or call 888.320.6526.