On the brink of losing your home? Let us help.

The Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation (NAHAC) was specifically chosen by the U.S. Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund® to help Nevada homeowners in their time of need.

Don’t worry. There’s still hope. And, Hope Keeps a Home™.


Find out if you qualify.
Find out if you qualify

Is your home in Nevada?

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Do you own and occupy your home as your primary residence?

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Is the amount you owe on your first mortgage loan less than or equal to $510,400?

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Is your household income less than or equal to $98,500?

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Are you in an active bankruptcy?

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Are you currently unemployed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak?

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If you are unemployed, did your unemployment begin on or after March 1, 2020?

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Are you currently receiving Nevada Unemployment Benefits?

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Don't worry, other programs are available.

Although you do not qualify for the Nevada's Hardest Hit Fund® program, your mortgage servicer or housing counselor from a HUD-approved agency may have other options that are available to you. These options include:

  1. 1) Federal Mortgage Relief
    • Loan Modification
    • Refinance
    • Short sale assistance
    • Deed in lieu help

    More Information

  2. 2) Your Mortgage Servicer
    • Forbearance
    • Repayment plan
    • Short sale
    • Cash for keys

    Contact your mortgage servicer or a HUD-approved housing counseling agency for more information. There is a link to a list of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies on our Resources page.

Still have Questions? Call us at (888) 320-6526

The Nevada Hardest Hit Fund® has currently reached capacity. At this time we have suspended accepting new applications. If you are a homeowner who already has an active application in progress, and have questions, please call (888) 320-6526 between 10 AM and 3 PM Monday through Thursday, except holidays, and leave a message with your name, phone number, and homeowner ID. We are returning calls in the order they were received. We appreciate your patience and will strive to return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.

The Hardest Hit Fund® saved my life.  I thought I would be out on the streets, living in my car.  I came here for help and they were amazing.  They’ve gone beyond my dreams.  If you need help, this is the place to come. They are awesome, and I’d recommend them to anyone who asks.

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